Strongman Bags - All Black

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The Strongman Bag is very functional for Total Body Endurance, Strength, and Conditioning.  Strongman Bags are so effective and useful that they work your body in a different manner than conventional lifting does. The cumbersome, unstable, off-balanced nature of a Strongman Bag places stress on your body in a very different way. 

Strongman Bag Movements:

  • Puch Press
  • Ground to shoulder/ Over Shoulder
  • Burpees Over the Bag
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • 50m/100m Carries
  • Devil Press

1050d Cordura Ballistic Nylon Strongman Bags (All Black).  Double-lined, Triple stitched with reinforced seams with easy filler opening.

12 Months guarantee, as with all our products. 

Please note: All bags sold empty due to the cost of sending filled.  We recommend using kilne dried sand which can be purchased from most DIY superstores or builders merchants